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Chinese Hot Pot  |  Rice & Noodle Bar


One+ is an authentic and unique Chinese restaurant based in the heart of Manchester. Under One roof and over two levels (hence the + in the logo) it offers two completely different restaurants offering something no other Chinese restaurant can offer. The ground floor offers a very unique way of eating Chinese Hotpot whilst the basement level offers the Noodle & Rice Bar

Chinese Hotpot (Ground Floor)

Chinese Hotpot is essentially taking the raw ingredients and cooking this for yourself which is cooked in a hot tasty broth. Traditionally eaten from a communal broth with the spread of food over the table, you would take what you want to eat and cook this in the communal broth. Here at One+ we’re offering a real dining experience by getting your own individual Hotpot broth for you to customise yourself with the food delivered to you from a rotating conveyor belt that passes by you. With well over 50 dishes to choose from all you do is take the dishes you want to cook and you’re all set. For the vegetarians, pescatarians and vegans, we have just as many if not more dishes for you to choose from! Chinese Hotpot is traditionally eaten with a dipping sauce but don’t worry as we’ve got this covered too. We have a dipping sauce bar station that you help yourself to with plenty of options to choose from.

The Noodle & Rice Bar (Basement Floor)

What’s unique and authentic about a Noodle & Rice Bar I hear you asking? Well here at One+ all of our Noodles are freshly made onsite on a daily basis therefore the freshness and quality is second to none. We’ve also been told that our bowls of Noodles are MASSIVE! The Rice section is also extensive offering a wide variety of dishes for you to choose from. The rice menu is split into four different menus which rotate on a weekly basis.

If you’re still unsure then click on any of the social media links and have a read to see what people are saying about us. You’ll be surprised!


Opening Times

Open 7 days a week